Get the Look T.O.P "Big Bang is Back"

Hey guys! So I made a "Get the Look" for my lover T.O.P from Big Bang's recent comeback in February! Underneath the picture (credit: made on Polyvore) are the buy links.

I tried to find less pricey items this time. I also made one mistake, I didn't include a haircolor. Sorry :(. But, I hope you will forgive me because with the hat, shirt and shoes, I gave two options. The reason I gave two for the hat is because I couldn't find a hat that had both the color and the shape. With the shirt, it was hard finding a shirt to match what T.O.P is wearing so my suggestion is wearing a button-down leopard-print shirt with a grey cardigan over it. For the shoes, I though sneakers would make the outfit too casual. Also, a note about the pants, you can wear jeans, but there are already many posts about black jeans, so I chose black twill pants instead.

J Crew long sleeve top
61 GBP -

Killah t shirt
39 EUR -

Old Navy leopard print top
$25 -

Old navy pants
$20 -

Supra suede shoes
$80 -

Patent leather platform shoes
20 GBP -

Gray beanie
41 GBP -

Rock belt
$35 -

Esprit vintage style hat
$30 -

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