Get the Look: Nu Blood Amber!



Seriously, Nu ABO takes SO much time. Total props to their stylists!


Okay! Let's go go!!!

Hairdye: f(x)'s hairdressers LIKE to color the girls' hair in very special ways! Amber's base is a light brown color. I suggest Garnier Herbashine's Light Natural Brown 600 ($5.99). You can achieve the blonde highlights with Garnier Nutrisse's Beige Blonde Pralines N' Cream ($6.97).

Shirt: I really like this shirt. This is Silence and Noise's Oversized Animal Print Tee ($38).

Pants: Ok guys, I'm giving you a LOT of choices. You can try to match Amber with these black ripped skinnies($24.99).
OR you could get Plain black skinnies ($29.80)
OR even with a gray, acid wash ripped jean (Link is weird).

Vest: You could get this layered vest ($39.50)
OR This faux fur one ($27.90). There are lots of cute other options as well. :)

Hair Accessories: You could go with the "manly" hat ($12.90).
OR if you like girly things better... This flowery hairband ($9.80).

Belt: She has something dangling from her hips... We'll assume its a pretty jangly belt so I have excuse to mention this braided belt ($7.80).

Gloves: Fingerless gloves (Canadian $4.80)! Yeaaaah! The accessory that actually serves no purpose!

Bracelet: These are out of stock... Really though, I don't think anyone is lacking in bracelets. The point on her wrists is one red rubbery one, so if you have one, GREAT!

Ring: Rings actually look pretty good on fingerless gloves. These are some cheap rings ($3.80)

Shoes: The classic combat boot with a multi-texture twist ($35.80)
OR if you don't like boots... Super cool tapestry oxfords ($27.80).

Whew!!! Finally done!

I hope you guys like it!


Credits: Polyvore, Buckle, Forever21, Urban Outfitters
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