Get the Look: Hello Onew!!!

Hey everybody!

I promised I'd do Shinee's Hello, so here I am! I will not be doing a male version, because since Shinee is male (although Taemin is prettier than a girl) and its easier for males to copy male clothing. :) Sorry...

onew hihi

Made on Polyvore

Hair Colors:In Shinee's Hello promotions, Onew has highlights :). You can emulate his look with Garnier Herbashine's Light Natural Brown (600) for $7.99 and Garnier Nutrisse's Extra-Light Ash Blonde White Chocolate (111).
Shirt: This shirt is just a standard button-down shirt. You can substitute this shirt with any similar beige button-down. However, this one is available at forever21 for $17.80.

Skirt: Instead of trying to find pants just like Onew's, I decided, since this Get the Look IS for girls, why not take the liberty of picking a skirt? Girls like me, who don't like skirts can hunt down a tan or brown chinos. However, this skirt is out of stock (it wasn't when I made this get the look. So, um, a leopard print skirt.

Leggings: In order to add more leopard to the outfit, I added in these leopard leggings as well. These are out of stock, but these are from the same website (Yesstyle) for $27.
Tie: This is a cute skinny tie which is 12.90 canadian dollars from canada forever21.

Bracelet:As an optional finishing touch, this bracelet is 9.80 canadian dollars at forever21 as well. :)

Sorry that these get the looks take so long, I do have to do all the commentary and links, so it takes up to an hour :) On busy days I'll just do easy finds.


Credit: polyvore, yesstyle, forever 21
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