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so much testosterone lately
a Shinee first concert in Japan post on Key's amazing style.

I don't get speechless easily, this is the only time ever in history that I became speechless. 
No one can pull that outfit out except for Key, he just has that combination that gives him that extra pizazz. 
Everything on the outfit, I've seen at least once, but I can't recall anything. So let's start with the tee. It's from Cassette Playa's Aw 2011 Violence Emotion Knowledge Collection. The show itself was pretty cool.
I found the tee on another kpop finding site dedicated to BEAST.

"Cassette Playa "Violence" tee (FW'10) approx. $500USD [Availability Unknown]
Also from Cassette Playa's “Neu Romance" collection. This oversized shirt is made of 100% silk. No clue on who that blue figure in the print is... Oh! Speaking of Cassette Playa, Yoseob is also wearing one of their items in the LGOA album jacket. It's the black sleeveless top that he has on in his solo and group shots. I'm still looking for a product photo though."
 Anyway, I want to show you another image.
Whoever took this has some pro skills.

Maria :D
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