a million apologies and more

I have to formally apologize for my absence and the fact I have been neglecting this place. Thank you to Koko since I've passed most of my duties to her. Thank you to the other writers for being so nice and always updating this place. If you are reading this and going who is this person and what are they talking about? That's totally understandable. I would like it if the viewers knew who the writers were. But I guess the point of this is thank you for staying with us readers. Thank you everyone who has contributed to this place. 
Thank You.

I've been relatively busy for the past months and the fact that kpop was losing it's grip on me wasn't helping. 
But from now I'll start to actually post again. Sadly, I've lost a bit of that touch. My posts may suck for a while. Sorry.

Also, the posts will be a lot simpler. 
So f(x)'s Sulli wearing Stussy x UCS collaboration tee for Stussy's 30th year anniversary.
What's amazing about the tee is the back, observe above.
Not available from my findings.

Credits: karma, image as tagged

Maria :D
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