Lanvin and After school

EDIT (Maria): Wow I had the same thoughts as Koko. But damn my laziness and unwillingness to wake up in the morning. I didn't see the pictures until 11:00 today. Who cares some other blog posted it. I love the collection too much not to post it :P

After school wore Lanvin and H & M's collab collection in their promo pics for their happy pledis album...

However, I checked before posting this and another blog posted it already, but I can't NOT tell you guys, because I definitely LOVE the line!

You can check it out here:
And they also have shoes! I can't tell from the Pledis image if anyone is wearing them but it seems that UEE is wearing a pair of the aqua ones.


Credits: Pledis, H&M

Credits: Shoeper Woman, onilifestyle and Delialicious Picks
Maria :D
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