Lanvin and After School Update

Let's play mix and match After School style

Match the right After School member with the corresponding Lanvin for H&M accessory. There are 5.
Go under the cut for the answers.

You are under the cut not, that means you must of figured out the answers!
Let's start
UEE - 2 
Teal Bow Heels available for 99$ USD and around 200$ USD on ebay
Ruby Red Chandelier Earrings for around 25$

Lizzy - 1
Pink Chandelier Necklace for around 40$
JungAh - 1
Ruby Red Chandelier Necklace for around 40$
Nana - 1
Long Flower Necklace for around 50$.
That's it or I believe so.
Note: Jooyeon's so appeared "necklace" is part of the dress.
Also all "$" are in American unless otherwise stated.
All Lanvin x H&M are available in physical stores or ebay.

Credits: shoe-tease, dkpop,

Sorry for not coming back for so long. I've been cheating on kpop with jpop.

Maria :D

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