All My Love

Have you guys heard about Jokwon and Ga-in in All My Love? I'm pretty most has since you guys are kpop slow pokes like me ...
They play twins, not what I hoped for. In episode 16 at the dining table Ga-in wore a fuzzy sweater. Jokwon wore a sweater too. So technically it could qualify as couple sweaters. Too bad Jokwon's W. Dressroom while Ga-in's Sonia Rykiel. It's called Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Knitted Dress with Heart Pattern. As I was hinting before their sweaters are in two different levels. Why? Ga-in's is 400$, available here at mytheresa. I can't access W.Dressroom's website right now but I doubt Jokwon's top could be worth more than 200$.

Also, Nam Gyuri, See-ya's ex-leader also wore this sweater.

images: naver and mytheresa
until next time...showing our gratitude

Maria :D

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