Who's Next?

Long time no see everyone. Maria here :) Boo blogger makes my pictures un-hq. :(
But good things come too. Sarah T sent us a tip about one of my favourite designers - Sass & Bide. A super designing duo from Australia.

In 101102's Strong Heart some whimsical confessions were made. I love the episode, the guests, the lights, and the fashion. Previously I've posted on Ga-In's accessories. This time from the lovely tipper Sarah we know the whereabouts of her top. From Sass and Bide Ga-In wore their "Who's Next" Tribal Gold Plate Tee. Available at glassworks-studios.com for 265 Euros.

Credits: Sarah T for info, XPORTSNEWS and glassworks-studios for the images

until later...just wanna lovin' you ♫ yabu kota
Maria :D
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