don't stop the music take a w-ride

I'm back-ish. Sorry for the lack of updates. My dying love for kpop is sadly dying. I guess I'm just butthurt about DBSK T_T
YAY! 2NE1 updates. Hello girls, don't stop the music promo pics? via Twitter I believe. Strange thing the clothes pictured above are from Walter van Beirendonck's F/W 2010-2011 Men's collection. And from my research he doesn't have a female collection. O_O but anyway the collection is called Take a W-Ride. Bom is wearing...actually I'm not sure because I can't find the exact item. The pattern for sure is from the F/W 2010-2011 collection. Minzy drapes art.21 Rocket Acessory. This is available here for 225 Euros.

Credits: allkpop and walter van beirendonck for the images
until later wow wow wow i love you arigatou &#9835 hey!say!jump

Maria :D

Also, the clothes the girls are wearing, some of it is really obvious and previously posted. So I'm not going to post on them.
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