Get the Look: Key's Black Look for Girls (Lucifer)

key black look

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So here's Key's Black Lucifer Look!

Chestnut medium golden brown and Extra light ash blonde white chocolate.

Jacket: This Fab Faux leather jacket is 24.50 at Forever21, but really, any leather looking jacket should do.

Tank: This chiffon petal trimmed tank is 21.80, but could easily be substituted with a basic black tank.

Leggings: These leggings are 19.80 at forever21, but unfortunately, the color of the leggings in the picture deceived me, it is preferable to go with black leather leggings instead.

Shoes: These shoes are $40 at forever21. Technically, Key was wearing sneakers, and technically, we know where to get the real sneakers, but I thought the cuffs on these boots made up for his "shinguards." However, GAH! AGAIN, Forever21 is out of stock!!! Any black boots or sneakers would replace these well though, so just go with what you can find.

Necklace/Belt: I noticed that Key seemed to have a weird fringe thing on his pants, and I can't see it well since the video is so darn dark... However, you could always put this necklace around your waist...

Visor: You could wear this five dollar foam visor around your neck... I actually found a much better match from house of flora, but everyone knows that house of flora is, like, crazy overpriced.

Eyeliner (:D): You cannot do Key without sparkly eyeliner. $18.

Whee! Progressing well! MINHO NEXT!


Credits: forever21, victoria's secret, garnier, american apparel
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