Spin-master G.O

Oh Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah
Pretty old find but I should probably post it before I delete all my images
At first, I kept questioning if this was the shirt. But after a while, I've noticed each shirt is different. Knowing kpop celebs' history with American Apparel, I was positive this was the shirt. 
"The great fit and feel of the 2001, featuring a thick and glossy white spin art print on front and back. Each shirt is done by hand on our custom spin art machine, so every garment varies." - American Apparel Website
As you can see in the picture above, G.O wore this tee before Y promos where he shaved off his moustache. So part of their not-so-basic T Shirts, for unisex I present 2001SA Unisex Spin Art T-Shirt.  Available for both women and men here for 12.5$.

Credits: images from allkpop and american apparel 

Maria :D

-a member of Chinese boyband MIC wore the same tee while in promotions of Lollipop phone with f(x)
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