Hyoyeon Likes it Soft Served

So, my hiatus is over. Did you miss me? I had a relaxing birthday yesterday. I finally turned 16 ><. I don't really want to grow up, scared for life. But still, happy.

As SM Town LA is approaching, SM Town gotta move there first right? I always love airport fashion, after all that's where you can see what stars' true style is.
For those who have bought tickets to SM Town LA, lucky you. I'm stuck in Canada. That would've made a great birthday present. T_T

SNSD looking fashionable as ever departed to LA today. From the limited about of images I can find, Nikki's favourite - Hyoyeon looked wonderfully colourful. This was all thanks to the Wildfox Couture top she wore. It is also wonderfully comfortable for a 12 hour long plane flight. After all it is called, Soft Serve Baggy Beach Jumper. You know when something is comfy when the word "baggy" is in the title. So I must say, Hyoyeon has the cute but comfortable air plane fashion down. Anyway, the top is available for 108$ here.

Next month, KWS will be officially open for one year.

Maria :D
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