Yoobin Struts Like a Queen

A while ago, 2pm and Wonder Girls hopped on a plane to visit some TV shows in Taiwan. The arrived back on 100823 at Incheon. The Wonder Girls are pretty well known for their styling in the airport-clothing department. And their taste has been also pretty expensive.
Like stated before, Wonder Girls' airport fashion taste seems quite expensive. It is. The bag and leggings Yoobin wore above are worth 3000$ together. The bag alone is 2475$. While the leggings are cheaper, costing 635$. So, why are they so pricey you ask? One, the bag is by Nina Ricci called Agneau Pleated Besace Bag. It's quite a hot bag since Leighton Meester, Rihanna and Mischa Barton has all been seen carrying the bag around. Available at Barneys. The leggings are from Alexander McQeen called Lace-Print Leggings. The design is truly intricate and it is Alexander McQueen. See a better view here at Saks. 

I hope Yoobin feels comfortable and the money is super well spent unless someone gave them to her. (not likely)

See coolspotters who else held the bag and who else wore the leggings 
Image credits: kpophd, barneys, net a porter, saks and coolspotters.

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In case you didn't know, Nina Ricci and Alexander McQueen are two super brands.
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