Victoria's Trefoils

 Found this a while ago but couldn't find any hq images. Still can't so I capped images from Tudou and Youtube.
In these shoes Vic battled against fellow BDA alumni?(can anyone confirm this?) - Jia and visited the green-fielded Biei. I believe these babies first appeared while Victoria was demonstrating her flexibility to the expressive crowd of Japanese people (see black backgrounded images above). This happened on the 100723 broadcast of Invincible Youth where Sunny came back. The other time I found Vic wearing these shoes was during the Jia vs Victoria flexibility battle during episode 174 (100731) of Star King. Notice both times she did the leg over head thing. I love her posture.  

These shoes can be found in 3 sets of colours. They are called Adidas Trefoil Hi. The ones above are in White/Neon, there is also a reversed version of the ones above and a Grey/Neon pair too. They were released quite a while ago so their prices dropped. :)
Last link features the reversed set colours and the Grey/Neon pair at Adidas' official online store.
Credits: Tudou, Youtube, Rakuten and FashionBeans for the images
Maria :D

Go under the cut for both videos and a brief explanation.
And an explicit image O_O
episode 38 of IY with Chinese subs. Sunny came back and did the cute thing that needs a punch but in Japanese.

What Sunhwa said to Min after Magic: "This is way people usually likes it" (referring the way of dancing)
When Victoria was speaking...
Leeteuk said that Vic's pants were forced upon by the manager.
Vic said I usually don't wear pants and the manager made me where these.
Hodong asked who's are they?
She said she doesn't know.

Also previous to the clip, Luna was crowned the reaction queen.

Episode 41 of IY ft. MBLAQ
Where are you Khun? Thunder is taking advantage of Vic!!

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