United 2pm

Goodbye Koko for a while, thanks for all your hard work! I hope you new boarding school is super fun.
Anyway, if you haven't noticed I usually have a tendency to delay posts. Sometimes after 2 months I find something I post it >< So this one I found 2 minutes after I saw Junho and Wooyoung's appearance on 100704 episode of We Got Married.

 My favourite 2pm member - Junho~ We Got Married like many other shows does not allow brand names to be spoken or displayed. So as you can see above, the "Adi" in Adidas is duct-taped. Even without it, I knew what it was. Sadly, my procrastination caused this tee to be gone from Adidas' official online store. Luckily I found another that Adidas FB (Football) United T-Shirt can be bought somewhere else. Here to be specific for 23.90$. Also this tee comes in three colours: white, green and grey.

Credits: google images ><

Maria :D
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