Key's Joyrich Jackets

A lovely tip from the amazing Hogan who has previously tipped us. :)
Hogan via email tipped us on 2 of SHINee's resident fashionista Key. Both jackets were wore back somewhere in May during Ring Ding Dong promos. The pink jacket was also wore by G-Dragon of Big Bang before the debut of Key in this on 100530 Boombio Outlet's 2nd Anniversary Celebration Concert. The floral jacket is called Joyrich Floral Denim Jacket in Indigo. The original had a hood but Key took it off. And the other jacket is called Joyrich Chemical Jacket Pink. Either of them are available online that's not a Korean site. But here they are anyway, pink one, floral one.

I have to make a personal apology to TW Style. Sorry I didn't post your Joyrich tips, I was kinda extremely sick of that brand for the longest time. I know it's not an excuse, but still sorry. 

Credits: Hogan. the shining shinee, shinee shawols and joyrich korea for the images

Maria :D

Also to the people who tips us, please complain if you don't like your banner. Realize, I will make a banner for everyone who tips us. It's how I show my appreciation for the tips. :) If you don't like your banner, you can send in your own :)
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