Flower Like Son Dambi

Dancing queens Son Dambi and Kahi recently appeared on Strong Heart together. The dancing segment they performed was puring entertainment.
If you are a Marc Jacobs follower like me, you can already tell it's Marc Jacobs piece by the ruched floral design. Kpop celebs sure loves MJ  huh? I know I do. Aside from that, Son Dambi and Kahi confessed on 100817's episode of Strong Heart that they go clubbing secretly. They demonstrated their clubbing dance and the short dress did not stop Dambi's charisma. So you might wonder where did it come from. As previously stated it is a Marc Jacobs dress. From Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 collection I present Marc Jacobs Ruched Floral Eyelet Dress. Available at Matches for 788 Pounds.

The dress suits her, doesn't it? It's pure love on Son Dambi.

Credits: Naver and matches for the images

Maria :D

Go under the cut to see Son Dambi and Kahi's club dancing. 

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