Celebrating Originality with Yoona in Paris!

While back Yoona had quite a blast taking pictures in front the Louvre and other places.
Yoona in Paris (edited). Background from [email protected]
I had fun making this picture. Usually when I do special pictures, it's not because they are my favourite people. It's because I don't know what else to do for the picture. ^_^;.

Anyway, onto Yoona! Ahhh...! Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world. What better way to "celebrate originality" than wearing a global brand like Adidas? While looking fresh and happy, Yoona wore an Adidas G BE FRESH tee in white. (note: I'm not completely sure about the name since I couldn't find it on their official website). This tee is available at 086-china.com for 23.90$ or at 500m for roughly 43$

Note # 1: If you want to buy, you're doing it at your expense. Note that we can't check every website for authenticity so please be careful. :)
Note #2: 500m is a Korean site that doesn't ship internationally. 
Note #3: I consider Milan and New York the other fashion capitals. 

Credits: 500m, summermiffy and dgrin.com for the images

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