Beast is fashionable for their Maids?

I don't know if you guys watch this show... But BEAST has a new show, in which they have maids! It's a good show!

Lala (or Lauren) sent us a tip (YAY LALA! I can't make banners to save my life... Maybe I'll try to make one later... but for now, I will leave this long apology/appreciation letter in these parentheses). Actually, she sent us multiple tips.


Yoseob was wearing Crooks and Castles Snake Head No.1 Tee in Black. Which you can purchase here for $31.99 (I've heard this site is legit, but overpriced.)

Hyunseung (my absolute Beast bias) was sporting the pants that everyone (Meaning Hyori, 2ne1... Everyone) wears. We aren't technically supposed to post Adidas, but hey, whatever, it's not going to kill anybody. He was wearing Adidas Original's First Star Track Pants by Jeremy Scott.

I hope you guys like this! I apologize again for the low definition pics... No one seems to have hd pictures anymore!

(Dongwoon was also wearing a shirt that says hopper on it... I may find it later)


RIP Andre Kim

Credits: Lauren/Lala, Adidas, Crooks and Castles, Pickyourshoes, Beast
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