Victoria in a Cage Dress

Decked out in all black, f(x)'s leader Victoria is seen here to be modestly wearing a 'cage dress' over a sheer long sleeve top and a pair of tights. Exactly by which brand you may ask? To be honest, I'm not quite sure. Since the original debut of the cage dress by Funktional (made popular by Rihanna), there have been several imitations of the cage dress -- including brands like Blaque Label and Rare.

Left: Rihanna wearing Funktional
Middle: Karmaloop model wearing Blaque Label (Get it for $97)
Right: Asos model wearing Rare (Get it for $37.06)

I'm pretty positive that the dress Victoria is wearing isn't the one by Rare because the neckline of Victoria's dress seems lower, but at the same time... it doesn't seem to have as sharp a V-line as do the other two dress from Funktional and Blaque Label (they look identical... -_-). Her hair is also covering some details of the dress, which makes it even harder to clarify... Perhaps it's not even by any of these three... which is actually really quite possible... -_-

well, at least you get the general idea~ ^^

Credits: Confessions of a Doll, myn90 @ Soompi

- T.S.
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