Stussy Sulli

Hello Everyone,

I'm a new writer! YAY! I'm sure everyone else is really busy right now, but I on the other hand, have no life, and all the time in the world. So I thought I'd post something about our favorite residential cutie today. Although this is a pretty obvious find, it doesn't hurt anyone to post it anyway.

So this is Sulli on the June 26th (2010) episode of Music Core. Isn't she cute? Obviously, she's wearing Stussy (shown in big letters, and the now probably famous design). If you noticed, this also happens to be the same show that Krystal wore Vans.

This is the UCS 30th Tee (group four of the xxx series), AKA Stussy's 30th Anniversary T-shirt. Believe it or not, here's a North America Buy Link You can go to the shop section, click XXX, and it should be the third one. :) Hey! It's 36 Bucks!

-- Koko

If any other blog has posted this, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to go through all the other blogs to search for this.

Credit: Stussy, Music Bank
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