2nd tip from Julian

Sorry everyone for being away for so long. Summer school was torture especially since it's Physics. Now it's all over, and my computer became super high speed, I can totally focus on kpop and kws now!
Tip from Julian eggplant who previously tipped us on BEAST's shoes. THANK YOU!!
Julian told us that, in SHINee's Lucifer MV, fashionable Key wore a pair of Rick Owens. They are Rick Owens High-Top Sneakers. They may not look like the High-Tops you were exposed to from Big Bang. But...If you see a frontal view of the shoes, there is an opening exposing the shoes' laces. I don't have a picture, but luckily Julian provided us with the pictures of Key wearing these babies. Thanks. Anyway, these were available at the Corner for 635$ (orginally priced at 1270$).

Credits: Julian eggplant, the corner

Maria :D

In case you were wondering, I'm back :)

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