My favourite WGM couple
- a request by themilkclub. Yes, I did say requests are stopped but that doesn't mean I'll stop looking at them. I found this accidently while finding something else. I may put back requests after a vote but with a system so we can keep track of everything. 

No words can describe how these two make me feel all giddy and happy. We Got Married, newest couple - 2pm's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria has been showing their ageyo and many talents in the latest three episodes of We Got Married. Gosh, are they a good-looking couple. 

Anyway, themilkclub requested Victoria's geometric dress. I happened to stumble upon it, searching for Victoria's bag. The dress is from Moschino Cheap and Chic Resort 2011 Collection. Very limited information has been released on it as it is not in stores online. If it is, it would cost about 400$ - 800$. Though they are called "Cheap and Chic" I think they just meant the "Chic" part. 

I can't really judge the outfit since Victoria and Nichkhun both have the ability to make anything look good. There is no point. 

Credits: affxtion, for the images

Maria :D

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