The Hundreds

I got sick today so I have some time to post. How do you love the new writers like I do? Nada runs Super Junior Stuff, T.W runs T. W Style and Koko is just awesome. Let's not forget about Nikki (in Japan) and Ria!!

To complete my BEAST collection - Maknae Dongwoon! In a Photo Spam by Kbites for backstage of Inkigayo it featured many artists including 4minute, 2pm, Orange Caramel and BEAST! In a few photos, maknae wore The Hundreds Jags Broken tee. Purchase-able here for 30$. 

Recently, MBLAQ's leader  - Seungho replaced Shindong hosting Shim Shim Ta Pa with Gyuri for one night. He, as you guessed it, wore a The Hundreds tee. Called The Hundreds Age Tee. Also, for 30$ purchase-able here.

Credits: Kbites, allkpop and The Hundreds for images

Maria :D
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