I was so excited to search for this dress when I first saw it. Sadly, I had no luck until I was searching for a Korean link for Manoush. BOOM it came at me. I pretty disappointed of how it looks like. When I saw it on Yoona, I could've swore it was satin with some intense details. I couldn't see the details because of the quality of the picture but I was wrong.
The dress first appeared when Yoona wore it as a guest on Win Win along with Goo Hye Sun. No name can be provided for this adorable dress other than RNM3031 by Korean brand Reneevon. Available for 439000W (roughly 439$) at i.d.look.
I believe that is the only online source but it's strange to think such a popular brand would only have one online shopping destination.

Reneevon is a Korean women's brand that provides the world with soft and feminine apparel. 
If you go to , they provide you with a list of celebrities that have wore their clothing. Which includes Taeyeon, Gyuri, Seohyun, Hara, Seungyeon and many many more.

Credits: allkpop, i.d look and youtube for the images

Maria :D
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