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Hey Nikki Here.
First off, Congradulations to K-World Style's new writer, Ria!!!!
Thank you soo much for helping this blog out (for I've been MIA for a while... T_T)
Ria has given us so many tips in the past - she is a really talented finder ^^.

I came across an interesting article on Daily Kpop News. It was an article about a korean fan finding Super Junior's Bonamana comback styles!!

I will share them here: (here's the original article)

SBS Inkigayo Comeback Stage - Kwak Hyun Joo’s Runway S/S 2009-2010

MBC Music Core Comeback Stage - Kwak Hyun Hoo's Runway F/W 2008-2009

This was shared by [email protected]
And this was posted on dkpopnews by sukira.
Thank you very much!!

credits: hyukxenhae (at sapphirepearls), sukira (at dkpopnews)

I have to apologize to all of KWS's readers, and especially to Maria and Ria for my absenses. I am graduating high school tomorrow, and I will be performing a drum piece during graduation. The practice time for that was taking longer than I thought. I was hoping to have more of my attention to KWS after graduation, however unfortunately I cannot. I don't think any of you know this (since I was keeping this a secret) but my main sport for the past 11 years is Karate. I have the karate national championships next week, and although I was on a hiatus for karate, I have to help my teammates (who are from hawaii) and I am going to coach in the tournament. That will be from sunday the 27th to july 3rd. Then, I will be off to Japan for a month trip.
I know these are all excuses, but I wanted you all to know that I did not desert KWS for no reason and that I still want to be considered a part of KWS. I know I have not put as much effort as Maria and Ria have into this site, but there is always a place in my heart just reserved for KWS. I am really happy to have been a part of KWS, for up until I met Maria I hardly knew much about fashion. I am extremely greatful for all of Maria's help for me these past... 6? 7? I think close to 8 months. And I am extremely happy for the new addition, Ria.

This almost sounds like a goodbye statement, but it is not even close to one! Just a warning that there will be little activity from me during the summer. I plan to keep up with Maria and Ria on KWS even when I'm in college ^^.

Ria, congradulations again and thanks so much for helping out KWS!!
and Maria.
Thanks for everything and for being patient with me.

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