Stumbling for Mika

Hey everyone Nikki here.
I found this quick find - from a new boy band group that debuted 3 months ago: DaeGukNamAh (The Boss). They are dubbed as the 2nd DBSK due to their style and high levels of dance and vocals.

Mika, the leader of DGNA is wearing Cheap Monday's Patched Tight Skinny Jeans. Get it here for $93 at Donghae wore this for the Bonamana photo shoot.

For those that do not know DGNA, they just released their new single Stumble Stumble (BiDeul BiDeul) today. Take a look here.

Their debut song Admiring Boy (or Tokyo Boy) is here - fans find similarities of the styles between this song to DBSK's debut single, Hug.

Personally I like this group. I am looking foward to their progress in the future.

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