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No Fear for SoHyun!

Hey, Nikki here.
I got a share from Maria.
She's not feeling well, so please everyone support her!

Sohyun is fighting with her fellow girlband mates for the new 4mintue Album!!!
She is wearing the "Fear No Evil" tee, a collaboration between Cassette Playa and Nike. Unfortunately, I could not find a dollar buy site. I did find one from Rakuten (yens). There are only blue and grey left.
If you are interested, go here to get them for Y6,500. (roughly $68)
There apparently used to be a women's style as well, both men's and women's styles were sold at Nike's homepage, but not anymore.

Credits: K-World Style, KBites, Rakuten.
Picture sources: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2010/05/27/4minute-girls-fighting-over-their-new-album-comical-photoset-revealed/

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