New G7: Invincible Youth Episode 33

On June 19, 2010 3 new members were introduced to G7. They are Victoria of f(x), Sori and Jooyeon of After School. I used to only watch for Sunny but grew love for all the girls! This post is only on one of the new G7 members.

Hold on tight because things are about to get confusing. JooYeon during the new member intro wore a white tee with a chained heart. See the original design is called Open Heart by Wildfox Couture but...they official tee is only available in black and brown. JooYeon's tee is in white and it is a copied version by W. Dressroom. They cropped the tee and made it available in white and green. To sum it up the tee's design is by Wildfox while the physical item of clothing is by W. Dressroom.
Hyomin's tee's design is by Joyrich called Super Rich 90's but her's is also a copy verison.
Narsha's tee is by Skulllism called Closure ai. There has been a recent trend of Skulllism appearing on many kpop artists just like W.Dressroom.

Beyonce wearing the Open Heart Tee.
Credits: Caps from Youtube and the clothes from their respective sites.

Maria :D
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