New Blogger on 'Fire'!

I'm a new blogger! WooHoo! Maria and Nikki have called in reinforcements :P
I'm Maria (but a different Maria to the one you know) and for the purposes of this blog I think I'll change my name to Ria :)
Super-psyched to be writing for the truly epic blog that is K-World you can probably tell from the serious over-use of emoticons and exclamation marks :P
So while I'm getting the hang of this whole 21st-Century-technology fandango, please bear with me; and show some love!
And on that note, I leave you with my first post...

2NE1's fierce leader CL wore this varsity jacket in MBC's DanBi. It's from the Nike X Parra collaboration. Personally, I love the patches on it...story of my life :P keke

P.s. You'll have to excuse the poor editing :( I'm gonna need a masterclass in photoshop!

Credit: RoyalAceSubs

Ria (^_~)
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