f(junior) = lots of sharing

Nikki here.
Got some tips from Maria mixed in with some stuff i found ^^.

First, is a Kyuhyun and Luna share.

They are both wearing Skulllism's Rolling Skulllism Tee in Grey. Get it here for W32,000 Kyuhyun wore this shirt for the MV and the Bonamana Ver. B Photoshoot (credit as tagged, scans by Zoey, provided by minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com)
Luna wore this on the 19th of May, the 3D Broadcast Celebration Concert (provided by UnknownCarrot110)

Next is our beloved Leader and Dancer

Both are from Bonamana Album Jacket and MV Shooting sets. (provided by ryeowookism) Leeteuk is wearing Skulllism's U Suck tee. Get it here for W32,000. Now this one, I am positive Eunhyuk is wearing Cheap Monday's Black Snake Cut Out Tank, but maybe there's a men's version. Get the women's version in Olive here for $22.

Last is an Amber and possibly a Ryeowook share.

The pants are Cheap Monday's Diamond Print Skinny Jeans. Get it here for $69.
Amber is wearing these in the 10asia photoshoot (YeinJee's Asian Blog.)
And Ryeowook is wearing these in the Bonamana Album Jacket photoshoot and MV shoot set.


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