Dirty Jonghyun

Oh yes another SHINee find. I know how much you all love Shinee. Also request by sherrzinger and other people. (sorry I couldn't find you) If you requested please comment and sherrzinger if you are still with us leave a sign (ps. comment).

This sweatshirt was wore twice during SHINee's Ring Ding Dong phrase. During their visit to Chin Chin radio and a practice performance, blondie Jonghyun wore this hood top. At first I thought the big white thing was a bullet hole but it turns out to be dirt. That's why it is called Star Styling Dirt Sweater. Available here for 99 Euros.

Also, I just finished my first exam...gahh...am I nervous T_T.

Credits: Naver, we are shining, star styling

Maria :D

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