Bags Gallore: Lapalette

Lapalette means The palette in French is a Korean brand that is most famous for bags. They also have shoes, accessories, books, handkerchiefs and more. They have been featured on Ceci Korea, Nylon Korea, Ellegirl Korea, Vogue girl Korea and many Korean dramas. 
SooYoung sports Lapalette Brit Union Square Bag in black filming SNSD's cameo in Oh! My Lady.
Yoona had the same bag but in blue while Taeyeon works the Lapalette Craft Empire Bag in rich brown. 
Ex-Seeya leader Nam Gyuri looks refreshing in her polo and Lapalette Brit Union Metallic Bag
Sooyoung, Yoona and Gyuri's bags are from the same collection called "union line" While SNSD's kid leader's bag is from the "pony line" featuring you guessed it...the pony.

You can purchase these goodies at their official store. 
- Sooyoung and Yoona's here (129 000 Won)
- Taeyeon's here (154 000 Won)
- Nam Gyuri's here (98 000 Won)

Here's some other their other bags. Aren't they fantastic? My personal favourite the Eiffel Tower one.
Credits: lapalette, omonatheydidn't

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