Back To the DressRoom For Seohyun

As you probably guessed it, a We Got Married Seohyun find! Lucky that I cleared my homework this weekend so I can post today.
In the new episode of We Got Married, Yonghwa and Seohyun moves into their new home. Also, Yonghwa gets intimidated by Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Tiffany. Anyway, throughout most of the show Seohyun wore a polka-dot knit top. It is from W. Dressroom called polka-dot knit tee in white. Even though Seohyun already graduated high school, she still had a backpack on. The backpack in her lap is Juicy Couture Back To School Quilted Backpack. But this is no ordinary backpack because it costs $228 (unavailable online anywhere).  Sadly, the sweater is also sold out.

Clearing up W. Dressroom. So this brand is an actual brand that creates their own original clothing. But, they do copy other designers, not exactly the same but similar. Even so, celebrities left to right wear their clothing.
Like this one.
Clearly a copy of Alexander McQueen's dress but not the same. But...the cut is the same as the one Sohee wore that I previously posted on. I had trouble determining if it's real or we know.

Credits: tistory, w.dressroom, purseblog, youtube

Maria :D

Check out this vid of Seohyun rocking out on the guitar in the most recent ep of WGM.
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