Wild Style: Hyuna and Seunghyun

So what does Hyuna and Seunghyun have in common? One tiny jacket...

On 100123 SHINee guested on Maknae Rebellion demanding a rematch. Seunghyun wanting to show off the "maknae'" dance skills did his version of Ring Ding Dong. Must I say it was pretty unforgettable. XD
Hyuna wore the same jacket as Seunghyun during her practice session with Amerie. Not a very clear picture but you can tell they are the same jacket. 

Sadly, this jacket does not have an official name nor an online seller. Luckily, I waited until some of Joyrich's similar patterned other pieces of clothing came out. This print is called "Wild Style". So if you had to give the jacket a name, it would probably be "The Wild Style Cropped Jacket".

Credits: K-world Style, Joyrich's Blog, allkpop for images, Youtube

Maria :D
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