Stalking Yunho from Incheon to LA

Yunho previously preformed for This is It! His on stage outfits were most likely stylist mades but his airport fashion isn't!
- request by Bryanna

Yunho looked mighty fine at the Incheon airport on 100306 to travel to Los Angeles for This is it! He looks very clean dispate the fact he will be stuck in a crammed space for over 12 hours. I loved his outfit, comfortable yet fashionable; just right for the plane! Anyway his outfit consists of:

  • one Joyrich Snake Face Jacket (in black),

  • one Joyrich Leopard Tee (in white)

  • a pair of Enjoi Panda Slim Fit Jeans (in black)

  • one pair of Ubiq Ilis Zip (in white)
Be prepared for some sad news. Everything listed above are only available for purchase on Asian sites.
Ubiq Shoes: - Japan: Rakuten (13440 Yen)
-Korea: Popshoes (119000Won)
-China: Dunk (1080 RMB)

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Maria :D
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