Spotting a Fake

Note: Not knowing if it's really a fake or not. I'll give you info on it. :)
I've been puzzled by this ever since it came out. We all know by now that Ye Eun wore a 675$ dress. Then why Sohee would you wear a possible fake?
Anyway it's an Alexander McQueen dress. It is from his Spring/Summer 2010 Collection called Alexander McQueen Bicolor Stripe Dress. Now take some time and guess how much it costs....around 815 pounds which is...1200$..!!!!!!! If you want to buy it click here. 

Note: Phivo noted out that maybe their stylist shortened the hemline to fit WG's style. It may be true.  The shortened hemline matches but the shape still doesn't. So does the sleeves...guess we'll never know.

Credits: K-world Style, Alexander McQueen, Baidu Images

Maria :D
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