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Shinee nana pistons

Let's travel back in time say...2 years ago?
SHINee! Back in the days of Noona is very pretty? Both tee are by a brand called Skulllism (yes with three L's. Jonghyun and Minho's is called Skulllism Sex Piston ... in black. Key's is called Skulllism(wait for it...it's a cool name) NANANA BANANA in black. Both are available on an online store called Hiphoper but it's a Korean site that doesn't ship internationally. Sorry. Click here for Piston tee and click here for BANANA tee. 
Skulllism has been wore by Donghae as well. :)

Skulllism has some cool stuff. Here's some of my favorites. 
Their argyle tank top is pretty cool and so are their sneakers. 

Credits: K-world Style, google images, HipHoper, Japan1
Maria :D
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