pushing f(x)'s BUTTONs part 2

AH!!! I just couldn't not post. So I am using a school computer to try to post. Thanks to Nikki for all your work while I was gone. Anyway, let's continue to post on f(x) fashions from the previous one.
f(x)'s third chapter photos revealed that every member of f(x) had worn pushBUTTON at some point. The concept of the photo above for f(x) is exactly the concept of pushBUTTON's "The Abnormal Girls" collection. Krystal and Sulli (I think) above are wearing pushBUTTON Madonna Dress. While Luna and Victoria (I think) are wearing pushBUTTON So Cute Dress.

- my school computer doesn't show Korean characters so I can't see the price.

Credits: K-world Style, Red Lily, pushBUTTON, google images, 4evamall

Maria :D

Visit: http://pushbutton.co.kr/
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