pushing f(x)'s BUTTONs part 1

One amazing dress wore by two beautiful girls. Shout out to Red Lily for the tip via email! Thanks a bunch.
This is a 3 part post on f(x) wearing pushBUTTON. :)

Red Lily tipped us that Sulli wore the dress on March 14, 2010's Inkigayo. I noticed it was the same dress Victoria wore for the photoshoot of the 3rd chapter pictures of f(x). The dress is called pushBUTTON Simple Life Dress. Available for W245,000 적립금 : 7,350원 at 4evamall. Or red lily told us "7350 won (about 6.59 dollar[s])" :)

The dress is from pushBUTTON's S/S 2010 "The Abnormal Girls" collection. The teddy bear was part of pushBUTTON's concept for the collection. 

Credits: K-world Style, Red Lily, pushBUTTON, 4evamall

Maria :D
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