Nikki here.
On te 22nd's post, I had some finds from KTZ or Kokon To Zai.
Suddenly, I find a couple more things from KTZ. On there website, the keep track of celebrities who wear KTZ, and sure enough there's Big Bang's TOP, 2NE1's Bom and Lee Hyori on there. Check it out here.

First up is our BEASTly rapper JunHyung!

He is wearing Kokontozai (or KTZ's) White Fantasy top, either the tank or the tee.
Get the t-shirt here for E84
Get the tank here for E69.
JunHyung was spotted wearing this shirt at 4minute's comeback stage on the 23rd.
See it here, provided by 360kpopHD

Then is the queen, Miss Hyori!

Hyori was wearing the KTZ Rachael Dress Money Print in Grey.
She wore it for her performance at Music Core on the 22nd. (provided by ThearmtvpHD)
Unfortunately, the only site I found selling this is out of stock. But you can see more pictures here at Doshaburi Barcelona.

Lastly, this is one I am not sure of.
It is Victoria from her NU ABO comeback stage on the 8th.

There was no same jersey on the official KTZ site, however there were shorts and jackets similar to what Victoria was wearing. (screencaps from CodeMonmonMixes)
To check out the jacket, go here.

There ya go. KTZ is quite loved by many artists in the kpop scene!

Credits: K-World Style, kokontozai.co.uk, doshaburi
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