Colorful Shoes 2

- requested by Jocelyn and Ploo
- tipped by Julian eggplant
Sorry about the mix up last time. But thanks to Julian eggplant everything is all clear. Anyway, Junhyung, above, is wearing Nike Terminate High Supreme Quickstrike in Mint and Chocolate by Swagger. The shoes were a celebration of Swagger's (a Japanese Hip hop clothing company) 10th anniversary. The price ranges from 115 - 250$. They were released around late July in North America and a month earlier in Japan. These shoes are sold out on most online ports except for Ebay. Sorry.

Credits: Julian eggplant, K-world Style, eukicks, Swagger

Maria :D

Sorry about the images, my desktop doesn't have a photo editing program. I had to use an online one which kinda sucked...a lot. Hopefully my AC Adapter will come soon.
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