Bonamazing Super Junior!

Nikki here ^^.

With so many comebacks this month, it's hard to keep up with watching all performances!
But Sorry Sorry to all the other artists, it's Super Junior's time again, and they are back with yet another amazing SJ FUNK song - Bonamana (miinah)!
And they are back with new fashion!
I will list all I have found right now.

First up is our new magician (lol) Donghae, with a Jeremy Scott Tank in the MV.

You can get it here from the Adidas online store for 70 USD.
Next up is Yesung, wearing the same shirt Key from SHINee was wearing, which Maria posted on a couple of days ago ^^. Thanks Maria!
He was wearing Skullism's NANANA BANANA tee in black.

You can get it at the korean site Maria has provided for W32,000.
OR, you can check out a site one of our readers, Ryori, posted as a comment to Maria's banana post, here.
You can find it under Collectibles - SHINee, and it is sold for SGD25.00

Check the MV out for better shots on Yesung's shirt, provided by SM Entertainment on Youtube.
Next is our beloved comedian, Shindong, who recently proposed to his non-celebrity girlfriend via twitter with codes!
He was wearing Rockers NYC and Cassette Playa's collaboration tee, the God's Money tee, which Key was wearing a while back. He wore it for their comeback stage on the 16th, for the Inkigayo performance.

Here is the performance. Shindong was wearing it during the Boom Boom performance.

Uploader: etlu23
You can get the shirt here for E45.

Next is Donghae again! He is wearing a Cheap Monday jeans in the photoshoot for the jacket album for BONAMANA.
Credits for the Donghae scan: 海世代 (
Scan by: ZOEY
Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET shared by [email protected]

There's the girls' version of the jeans if you would like to buy.
HEre for $93.

So that was a handful of finds and repeats..
I'm sure there will be more to come!
In the meantime, let's wish Super Junior a great success with their new album, and hopefully we will see them with all 13 members sooner or later.

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Picture sources:
sment youtube channel
etlu23 youtube channel
[email protected]

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