Always keep the faith with DBSK and T-Ara!

Hey Nikki here. Long time no see ^^.
Sorry for my long absense, Maria and readers T_T.
I hope to be back fully, it's just that non-school things are really catching up on me, which means I have lots of activities which I like, but then time for other things are getting harder to get.. but! I won't rant on about my life, on with the find ^^.

I will say this from the start: This shirt/tank top I am featuring from Forever 21 is sold out EVERYWHERE. They do not sell it anymore, apparently. I bet though it would be on sale on ebay or other auction sites.

Anyhow, it is a find that Mr. Beauty Voice from DBSK and youngster from T-ara were sharing... interesting right?

I bet many know about Jaejoong's rather feminine tank top. There were many fan accounts (another one here.)on how the shirt he was wearing at Gimpo Airport on the 7 of December last year was very similar, if not identical, to that which was sold in Forever 21 stores.
Then people began to clarify that a fan had sent him that shirt.

I was watching older performances, and while I was watching TTL Listen 2 by T-ara & Supernova (a song which I love!) I saw that maknae of t-ara, JiYeon, was wearing the Faith Shirt as well during the 15th Dream Concert in 2009.

Here are the pictures:

It is a little hard to see JiYeon. Here's a youtube video of TTL Listen2 performance.

Uploader: xPlasticLittle

Interesting, right? ^^

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