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Leopard Sunye

Wonder Girls in China part ii.!
as promised...

While in the Shanghai airport, Sun Ye rocked a cool leopard tee. From the first sight, I knew I had seen it before. Turns out Stella McCartney had a series of clothing with the same leopard design. The feline gained fame first by Megan Fox rocking it out on her leopard tank. (see above) I still have my doubts weather Sunye is wearing Stella McCartney Leora Print tee. But...let's just stick with it, after all YeEun wore a 675$ dress. The tee costs around 175$ but it's sold out everywhere since it was from Stella McCartney's A/W09 Collection. What further my doubts is that Forever21 has a tunic take looks exactly the same. (see below)

The black tunic is sold out but the white one is still available. Click here for the white top. (12.8$)

Credits: K-world Style, Baidu Images, Forever 21, Stella McCartney

Maria :D
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