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Dressing Up Dara

Dara of 2ne1 recently updated her ever so popular Me2Day. Originally I only wanted to post on the picture of Dara drumming. Sadly, the two pictures were together so I thought the heck with it.
The first picture as you can see and most of already know, she is wearing Jeremy Scott x Adidas Winged Sneakers. I'm pretty sure you'll probably have a link saved somewhere :). 
The drummer picture Dara is wearing W. Dress Room. I can't read Korean and the Korean name is 전판삼각T. The literal translation is Petal Tripod Tee. Anyway, it's available for 17 Won at W. Dress Room. 

W.Dress Room seems to have a lot of stuff. The tee above was wore by SHINee and f(x). I just can't find the picture. If anyone have a picture of f(x)'s Amber and I believe Shinee's Jonghyun wearing the tee, please leave a comment. :D :D :D
Of course credit will be given to you :)  

 Say doesn't this look familiar? If anyone can identify if any kpop star has wore it, please leave a comment. Credit will be given to you with a banner :).

Also ps. Requests are back on. Please go to the Requests page and leave a comment.

Credits: K-world Style, Jeremy Scott, Adidas, W. Dress Room.

Maria :D
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