Copy Cats After School?

Hey it's Nikki here again ^^.I was watching After School's new comeback MV "Bang!" when some comments caught my eye.

I went to look this up, and in my Opinion, I did find some similarities.
Here's their comeback performance on Music Bank, March 26th (uploaded by UnknownCarrot300)

And some screencaps and vids of Victoria Secret's Fashion Show, including the similar clothing of dancers.
Case 1: Red Soldier Clothing and Toy Soldier Stage Theme. The Clothing for the MV are similar, and the Comeback stage is similar to the Dance stage.
Victoria Secret's Fashion Show 2005 (featuring the Red clothing and the Soldeir Stage)
(Starting from 0:27)

(Uploader: AkaiRinggo)

Case 2: The Blue soldier clothing are similar (for both the MV and the comeback stage.)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 (featuring the Blue clothing.)
(Starting from 0:25)

(Uploader: Ale SteBarto)

So, What do you guys think? Are they indeed copycats? Or just inspired? (Or has their inspiration gone too far??)
(Oh god, that line sounded like I was writing for allkpop...)

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