You Better Run, Run, Run....

As many of you already know, SNSD recently released "Black Soshi" concept. So far, I love it! Here's a find I found :D. Spread the word everyone! Maria and Nikki are back and better than ever!!!
In the picture above YoonA and SooYoung are wearing the same top but in different colors. It is from Miss Sixty. It's called Miss Sixty Dove Vest Top available in white and black. I must say, I actually like the white version better. The top is from their "I Love 80s" collection.
 Anyway, it is available for 34.99 pounds at Republic.
The Black one here.
The White one here.

Hopefully more Black Soshi finds coming up if other sites don't beat us to it!

Credits: K-world Style, Miss Sixty, Republic, Youtube

Maria :D

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