Queen is (coming) back!

Long Time no see!It's Nikki here ^^.
As you may all know, Maria will be taking a break. I should be back on track...

Anyway Maria just posted up Hyori's MV Teaser.
To be honest, I'm excited for Hyori's comeback (because i never experienced it before) but after seeing this teaser... it's too americanized T_T
Anyway, I found something that probably 10 million other people found as well, but I'll post up anyway really quickly just so I feel like I accomplished something ^^

The "Blue" Hyori is wearing tracksuits from yet again AdidasXJeremyScott 2010 Spring/Summer collection.

If you go here, you can see a collection of the Adidas originals X JS 2010 ss collection.

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Picture Credits: Youtube (AznSamManTV), Hypebeast.com

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